Alexandra will be offering 1 hour Intuitive Reiki Sessions at Breathe Peace Massage Therapy in New Milford, CT, for February, March, and April.

A 60 minute Intuitive Reiki Session includes Reiki healing, chakra balancing, and guidance that has been intuited from the session to help the client be their best self. The first 45-50 minutes of the session includes relaxing energy work to bring the mind, body, spirit, and heart back into a place of balance and lightness, while working to remove stressors, blockages, and heaviness. The remaining 10-15 minutes Alexandra will share the intuitive guidance she has discovered during your session. You will have the option to record this part of the session on your phone.

These sessions are intended to restore, revitalize and harmonize your body, mind and spirit while guiding you to be your best self.

Owner of Breathe Peace Massage Therapy, Lisa Ganz says "I had the experience of an Intuitive Reiki session with Alexandra today! I still feel lighter and amazing! I could feel her incredible energy the minute she walked into the room. Her intuitive guidance at the end of the session was accurate and I was guided to make specific, positive changes to keep me grounded and balanced."


You can contact Alexandra directly to schedule your appointment.

60 minute sessions and are $100, or 3 pack for $250.

If you would like a different type of service from Alexandra, please contact her with your inquiry.

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